1991 Alfa Romeo Spider with 7934 actual miles for sale at Motoring Investments classified phone 619-238-1977.
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7934 actual mile 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider.

Additional specifications: Inline four cylinder, twin-overhead cam, Bosche fuel injected engine.  Five-speed manual transmission, power steering and brakes.  This is the fourth series of this basic body type sometimes called a series IV Spider.

Every document is here.  The tool kit is still with its plastic bag.

Factory paint label on the underside of the trunk lid.

Next are the undercarriage photos.

The undercarriage is totally original with factory undercoating everywhere.

Above the sloppy runs you see on the floorboards are a sort of factory under sealant put on after the polymer undercoat.  I think in the old days this was called cozmoline which is sort of a waxy substance.  I believe it is mainly for the exposed metal fasteners but it sort of gets everywhere.

This original San Diego car was one owner until purchased by our client in Washington state.  We sent it up to him in an enclosed truck and he sent it back to us the same way.  He only put 80 miles on it and would have kept it if it wasn't for his back trouble and Dr's orders.  It is exactly in the same condition as when he purchased it(2.5 months ago).  The photos below were just taken.









































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