Fully restored W113 Pagode for sale, oldtimer classic center
1969 Mercedes 280SL SOLD
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There are break-in miles only on this car. Since federal law prohibits the altering an odometer
we have not "zeroed" its original speedometer although all gauges have been rebuilt for
as-new functionality and cosmetics.
The original clock has been rebuilt with a quartz movement to assure top functionality.
Notice the color coordinated sill pad above as per original specification. Today, the factory only
supplies them new in black. As is our usual practice, we've gone a step beyond to assure
absolute authenticity.
The original Kangol belts have been fully reconditioned right down to the correct
date coded tags.
Fine detail above left, notice the subtle heat-seal at the edge of the
color coordinated oddments tray liner. This is another item which
cannot be purchased new for any price. We were fortunate here that
the original item was nearly perfect.
Of course all of the car's numbers match.
Another area where it pays to start with a super original, rust free California car, the
floorboards are absolutely original even down to the factory beige undercoating and
shipping protectant, Cozmoline (the rootbeer color waxy substance that you can
still see traces of here and there). Everything here was meticulously cleaned and
scrubbed. If you wonder what sets a restored California car apart from the typical
rusty cars which get restored - this is it!
Above left, the original Cosmoline is very evident. No, these cars never had black goo sprayed
underneath originally.



























































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