W113 Pagoda for sale California automotive vintage collector car classified Old Timer classic center Pagode
1969 Mercedes Benz 280SL
timer car classifieds vintage by Motoring Investments
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The undercarriage is absolutely original still wearing its factory undercoating and never, ever rusted.

Click on any of the pictures below to view the larger version

The above photos demonstrate the straightness of the body.
The surrounding photos highlight the canvas and
the hard top, both in near perfect condition.

The restored hard top pictured below shows very nicely.
All new seals, paint, new headliner and brilliant looking chrome.
The picture above shows us the
body number stamped onto the folding top
stowage compartment lid.

Number reads # 5468.

The folding top and its interior
condition is pictured above.
New threshold trims pictured above, present themselves nicely
as you open the doors.
The sun visors in very nice condition,
pictured above and below.
The picture above shows
 the original and N. L. A (no longer
available) vinyl padded
pouch with original levers to lock and
unlock both the tops.
A close up view at the accelerator pedal, brake pedal and horn pads. All show extremely nice, with very little wear.

The pictures shown here are of the instrument gauges , temperature sliders, radio and clock.

The night time images are shown to showcase the subtle and classic glow to the cabin.

The absolutely factory original firewall pad is visible above/below.  These pads with the correct pattern are N. L. A ( no longer available).
  The only replacement available is close but not quite identical.
Finding a Pagoda with a great original firewall pad is an indicator of the overall care and sheltered life it has lead.
These sound insulators are made of a pressed cardboard material which does not hold up well subjected to a baking engine bay, occasional pressure washing, dampness and freezing and thawing cycles.

Notice the inner fenders with correct, factory spot welds along the inner lip of the fender.

Extreme Originality/Low mileage marker
- a Metzeler hose original to this car. This hose
is used to carry only warm air and carries a date stamp
March of 1968. It has been NLA as a
replacement for about 30 years
(modern replacements will lack the "Metzeler" name.)

  The cloisonné enamel on the hood emblem is in
beautiful condition and shows like
a piece of fine jewelry.

The following pictures are some of the most important when
considering the purchase of any car, let alone one that is over 40 years old.

This Pagoda has an exceptional looking undercarriage.


The photos below, to the left and right, display the entire floor board.  The "root-beer" colored substance is
a waxy protectant sprayed on at the factory over the undercoating.


These pictures, placed above and below, display the rocker panel covers.  Notice the correct Phillips
head screws all along the edges.


The rocker panels have a rough textured chip guard and are
affixed with Philips head screws.  Factory correct specification is always satin-black, never body color.

The pictures above highlight the factory spot welds located at the lower rear valance.

The floor boards at the front, just behind the
front wheels.

The pictures above and below are close ups of the undercarriage. From front to back, the complete undercarriage
displays the factory correct undercoating.

The floor boards at the rear, just ahead of the
trailing arms are pictured below.

These pictures above, right and left are of the drain holes and bottom of rocker panel covers
as well as the underside of the rear shelf. On Pagodas these areas are very susceptible to rust and corrosion.
 Notice the exceptional condition of this car.

Below, the compensating spring on the rear end showing
it paint code dotology.
Above picture, front suspension to the sway bar.
The picture below is of the trailing arm
and its paint dotology.

The pictures shown here display more of the originality. The MB factory technicians applied paint dots to certain areas
when the factory specs were met and proper torque force was applied on the bolts.

The pictures above show the front suspension dotology.
The paint spot below is located at the wheel well housing
to the steering box bolts. The factory technician
must have dotted a bit more red paint than
usual as it trailed down the wheel well.
The close up photo below shows exactly
what factory undercoating looks like.
Here we show the close up of
the cosmoline (root-beer colored waxy substance),
  the protectant that was sprayed on at
the factory over the undercoating.



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