1970 Mercedes Benz 280SL
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Documented and confirmed actual miles.



The close up pictures below are of the original factory headlamp notches.
ORIGINALITY INDICATOR: Grease pencil inspection # inside headlight bucket.
  The picture above shows
 the original and NLA (no longer
available) vinyl padded
pouch with original levers to lock and
unlock both tops.

 the correct, original bonded-in black rubber shift
surround.  This guarantees original carpet as no
current supplier of new carpet offers it
with this correct feature.

ORIGINALITY INDICATOR: Above left, The original heal pad with pt. no. NLA (No Longer Available for purchase new). Above right, the original M-B tex upholstery.

The above pictures show us the rear floor wells under the rear shelf area.
This area is very susceptible to corrosion. In this case it is rust-free and original.

ORIGINALITY INDICATOR: date coded Kangol seat belts  
The VIN plate is pictured above.
Note build date of Sept. '69 as a '70 model.

The data plate in the above photo,
shows many important numbers.
The production and body numbers are
explained above (click the photo). Below we
have the corresponding numbers stamped
on various components.
above - body number located on the
folding top compartment lid

above -  body number on the
bottom side of the hard top.
above - body number stamped on
the upper left corner of the hood - all numbers match

above and below - production number.
This number is found on many interior panels
and pieces as well as the body plate three
 photo rows up. These numbers match as well.

The absolutely factory original firewall pad is visible above.  These pads with the correct pattern are NLA.
  The only replacement available is close but not quite identical.
Finding a Pagoda with a great original firewall pad is an indicator of the overall care and sheltered life it has lead.
These sound insulators are made of a pressed cardboard material which does not hold up well to being baked constantly
in the sun or pressure washing or being damp and going through freezing and thawing cycles.

Notice the inner fenders with correct, factory spot welds along the inner lip of the fender. This proves that the fenders are original.
Originality marker - noticeable traces of factory paint
dotology everywhere(the yellow blotches above).

Extreme Originality/Low mileage marker
- a Metzeler hose original to this car. This hose
is used to carry only warm air and carries a date stamp
of February 1969. It has been NLA as a
replacement for about 30 years
(modern replacements will lack the "Metzeler".)

This paper fuse identifier is many times long gone.  

Originality/Low mileage marker -
Above - the clear plastic that was under the interior door panels. Cars with even low to average miles require work
on the window lifters and typically these plastic dust covers are lost in the process of repairs. I can count on one hand
the number of Pagodas I have discovered with these still intact.


Mercedes weather seals, being made from natural rubber are rarely original on 40+ year old cars.
The pictures above are of the date stamp located on the trunk weather seal.
Upon very close inspection, we notice that the seal is stamped with the date May 18 1969.

  The tire stop and jack. Notice the
 original label on the jack
The vehicle still has its original spare tire
(Firestone Phoenix) in the

The spare tire has never been
mounted to the car. The
waxy protective coating and green
white wall tape is still in place.

In the picture above we
see the protective green tape
peeled back to expose the whitewall
The wheel shows all the
characteristics of being remarkably original
and never on the road.
Date coded wheels  
Factory touch up paint that
 matches the car color code
#158 Wiessgrau (white gray). This box dates
back over 30 years.
Original antenna key  
Conclusive documentation of the use and care this car has received.
The second owner who used the car sparingly, even logged every time he drove it noting where he went!

The " dark root-beer" colored substance is
a waxy protectant sprayed on at the factory over
the polymeric undercoating.

  The picture below is of the
rear bumper brackets. Notice the dotology
on both the bracket and bolt. This bumper has never
been removed or replaced and is absolutely original.

The above picture on the left displays the factory spot welds of the lower rear valance.

More dotology. The factory technicians applied paint dots as they applied torque to fasteners.

rear springs and trailing arms trailing arm paint splotches
Front suspension coil spring coding  
This is exactly what this area should look like.





































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