W113 Pagoda for sale automotive vintage collector car, classified, California Old Timer classic center Pagode
1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL
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The pictures shown above and below are
the interior panels showing the production
Pictured above and below are the door panels and seat skins.
All show the same production number.
The example shown above is on the
inside of the original seat skin.
The data plate inside the engine bay fender wall
can describe a lot about the car.
In the picture above,
we display the color codes, body
and production numbers. 
The body number on the hood, shown above.

The picture above shows the body number
on the soft top stowage compartment.
This same number is repeated throughout
the car.

The body number shown above,
stamped on the transmission mount plate.
The V.I.N plate is located on the drivers side door jam. The body number is also
stamped on the base of the hardtop, shown above.
The original window sticker is shown above. We have included several close up
detailed photos to view the coded options and trim package the car was delivered with.
The wood handle screwdriver
 is unique to '68 models.
The tool kit is original and completely
Spare tire/wheel original to this car.
In the picture above we
see the protective green tape
hiding the whitewall
Date code shown below of Jan. 1968.
  The wheel shows all the
characteristics of being remarkably original
and never on the road.
The absolutely factory original firewall pad is visible above.  These pads with the correct pattern are NLA (no longer available).
  The only replacement available is close but not quite identical.
Finding a Pagoda with a great original firewall pad is an indicator of the overall care and sheltered life it has lead.
These sound insulators are made of a pressed cardboard material which does not hold up well to being baked constantly
in the sun , pressure washing or being damp and going through freezing and thawing cycles.
Notice the inner fenders with correct, factory spot welds along the inner lip of the fender. This proves that the fenders are original.
 Shown above are the spot welds at the nose, all welds are clear and visible.
More up close views at the spot welds along the inner fender walls.
The welds on the water catch tank tower
and the ground spot are
shown above, pictured below is the
close up view of the valve cover decal.
Above is a close up picture of
the firewall pad.
Below is a close up picture of a relay with the
correct dotology. The relay cover
is held on with a screw that is covered
in white paint.
Extreme Originality/Low mileage marker
- a Metzeler hose original to this car. This hose
is used to carry only warm air and carries a date stamp
of 1968. It has been NLA as a
replacement for about 30 years
(modern replacements will lack the "Metzeler").
The images below are close up and detailed
photos of the hood underside.

we examine an early Pagoda hood on the underside that has never been
repainted we find a large number of runs in the paint.  I'm pretty sure at least one of the primer coats
was done by dipping the hood (if not dipped they were hung vertically to cure after spraying a liberal coat). 
 It simply was not considered important to sand these away before applying the color coats
since most of the time the hood is closed.  We also find similar runs in the satin
black of the underside of the trunk lid.  If you are doing a high point restoration
we suggest that you do not remove the runs if possible since this is another originality marker. 
Factory replacement hoods come with a nice, uniform, run-free coating of satin black all over. 
Above and below are close up pictures of all the factory original runs.
More dotology, the factory technicians dabbed paint dots to
certain locations as they applied the factory recommended torque.
Below are just some of the dotology images found on the car.
The wheel wells are clean and exhibit the
clear drain holes and factory spot welds you
expect to find on a very original Pagoda.
Looking at the images below we see the backside of the head lamp buckets.
The above pictures show the factory spot welds  and half moon cutouts of the lower rear valance.

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