1964 Fiat 1100D
SOLD May 2014. Thank You Mr. K!
Old timer car classifieds vintage by Motoring Investments
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History, directly from the last owner: “…it was probably sold by Jack Millard The Man in Red, according to the license plate frames. The original black plates indicate it was last licensed in 1976.  It had 13,429 miles on the odometer.  It had been stored for some years at Willy Mueller’s place, Adria Sportscar Service in Costa Mesa, CA.  I also found a receipt dated October 1976 made out to an R. Whitehead of Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Directly from the last owner: “Regarding the miles showing on the working odometer, I believe these to be the original miles because the car had what I suspect to be the original Pirelli tires with little wear. I doubt that anyone would go to the trouble of seeking out Pirelli replacements in that era.  Also, wear on the floor mats, controls, knobs etc., don’t indicate over 100,000 miles of use. The clutch wanted to grab and I found the fork was broken while having the clutch replaced. This may be the reason the car was parked.”

The interior was fastidiously cleaned before the seats and door panels were recovered. The shoulder belts were installed; new graphics were made for the instrument cluster and a new head liner was made. Regarding the trim, a few selected items were chromed and others were simply polished.

No metal work was required on the internal body shell, interior floorboards or trunk floor and these areas still present with not even a hint of corrosion.

Directly from the last owner: The engine turned over freely so I poured Mobile 1 in the cylinders and turned it over while pushing the car around in the garage. The car started for the first time in November of 2003.  The engine started and ran smoothly with no smoke from the exhaust. I sent the generator out to Prix Parts in St Charles, IL for rebuild and purchased a new starter from Chris Obert.” The radiator and fuel tank were also sent out for cleaning.

Since our purchase we have performed a brake job, repacked the wheel bearings, replaced some suspension parts and performed a front end alignment. She is a joy to drive.

The previous owners saved Everything! Manuals, both owner's and shop, brochure, records, photos of restoration process, you name it!

The enthusiast who awakened this beauty from her long slumber (a piano tuner by trade) provided most of the heavy lifting. He started with scrubbing the entire undercarriage down to the still present factory undercoating. He then commenced with meticulously sanding the exterior paint down to the bare metal panel by panel before having a professional paint job applied (please see "Before Photos").

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