1965 Porsche 356C cabriolet
SOLD Aug. 2014
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Note: The dark spots on the undercarriage are from oil seepage over the years. There are absolutely no rust holes on the floor pan!

The paint averages an incredibly thin 4 mils everywhere!


The drivers side threshold is pictured above, passenger threshold is below.
The reverse side of the side mirror shows the logo below.
The antenna grommet is weathered, but you can still see the "Made is W. Germany" lettering.
These images above and below highlight the visors. The condition is quite remarkable for almost 50 years old.
Also pictured are close up images of the pattern and heat seal done along the edges at the factory.
All the glass shows the correct original logos.
Note: the labels seen below are not repros, they are absolutely original to the car!
  Car number # 161180

Kunstharzlack = kunst/artifical, harz/enamel-resin, lack/paint or varnish
Red # 6407
The soft top frame number is shown above.
The last three digits of the chassis number are repeated on many of the body panels(below).
Chassis # 161 180
Factory plastic dust cover still in place!


























































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