Mercedes Benz 280SL Restoration
Follow this page as we take a very original, low mileage
280SL and transform it into a world class automobile.

The above and below are pictures of the cars' engine bay as it arrived to us. A very clean and original Pagoda.
In this page we will show all the different stages of a world class engine bay restoration.
Follow along as we highlight all the details that a show winning car should possess.  We address every aspect,
from using the correct clamps to duplicating the dotology and decals for a factory correct look.

These pictures shown above and below, are to display the cars' originality. A very low mileage car is showing
all the original and correct clamps.
At power steering reservoir Topside of valve cover.
We will duplicate all the original dotology
shown through out the engine bay.
At the firewall to the heater
core, clamps are correct.
  At air filter canister
The pictures above are battery area. We removed the battery and tray to show the corrosion that
often happens here.
As the engine bay is disassembled, we carefully catalogue and
document every aspect of the build.

Notice the correct bolts towards the inside of
the thermostat housing. Slotted bolts facilitate
service and often times not present after
decades of service.
The engine bay disassembly
is meticulously documented.
The photo below shows the distributor and
the need for servicing.
The motor is pulled from its bay, disassembled and documented. All o-rings, seals, plates and
plugs will be replaced. Every aspect of the engine and surrounding components is inspected.
The picture above shows us the difference
between old and new engine mounts.
The old mount, pictured above left, is original
to the low mileage Pagoda.
The engine bay parts are next in line for refinishing. After prepping and refinishing,
the parts look as new.

All the fasteners, brackets, clamps, fuel lines and plates are sent off to
be re-plated. The gold and silver cadmium pieces
are catalogued and upon plating completion, the pieces are
sorted. Scroll down on the page to view
the newly plated hardware and components going into the engine bay.
Before After

The intake manifold, valve cover and other parts
 have been de-burred and
tumbled with a ceramic
media to achieve the correct finish.
Before After
Before After
The fuel tank has been replaced with a NEW OEM Mercedes Benz tank.
Notice the pads on the topside?
These are to protect from vibrations as well as adding cushion against the trunk floor.
The photos below show the engine bay after being refinished. The gold cadmium plated
parts are now ready to be installed.

The photo below highlights the
 panels just behind the bug grills. These panels
are to be "brush" painted
to duplicate the Mercedes Benz factory look.

The owner of this car was so impressed with the progression of the engine bay
restoration, that he commissioned our shop to restore and recondition the underside of the car as well.
Scroll down to see pictures of the undercarriage and progress.
The pictures above show the front end with the sway bar back in place and its hardware. Notice the wheel wells
from underneath?  Below are pictures of the wheel well refinishing process.
Above and below we see the pictures
BEFORE the restoration.
Shown here are the wheel wells
The rear end parts are powder coated to endure the road elements.
The rear end is now back into place and shown above.
The protective plastic liner under the door panel is still in place. This is carefully removed and placed back into position as the
doors will be serviced for any rattles and loose window guides or blocks. The number on the backside of the door panel
is also shown below. This number
is found on many interior panels, it is called the production number.
The car has the original carpet and interior. Although 40 plus years of use did scuff up the
door threshold trims. We carefully remove the old trims from the original carpet. We then remove and re-glue all the correct
spacer washers to the backside of the threshold trims and install back into car.
These pictures below highlight the finished threshold trims.
The trunk is corrosion free but does need to be re-finished.
The tar pads must not to be painted over. These secure the
fuel sending units' wiring to the trunk floor.
Above are the before pictures. Below, the after pictures are displayed, highlighting the correct satin black finish.
The pictures above are of the car being disassembled to refinish the right rear corner.
The images below are of the corner, close-up.
The images below display the right rear corner after we refinished in our body shop.
The original windshield, although in great condition from cracks and chips, is delaminating.
Below, are pictures of the car receiving a new OEM windshield and new seal.
The engine bay is now completed and shown in the pictures below.
The engine bay images in the finished stage.
The picture above is the hood gap before the
The image above and to the right are after
the necessary hood adjustments.
Hood clearance is perfect.