Rebuilding an Alfa Romeo Transmission.

Below are shots of the gears, syncro rings, sliders and bushings.  We go to great lengths to put things the way they should be.  Just one selfish reason for this is that I drive these cars and I want a proper driving experience.  Unfortunately one can't just order parts and throw them in.

New syncro friction ring (w/yellow dot).  Note new brass bushing pressed into place.  I called three places to find these bushings and was told they were no longer available.  My response was, "how can you rebuild a transmission without them?".  Finally I found a supply in Italy. 

This is a new slider.  Notice the sloppy peeks?  This is basically a manufacturing defect.  We had to dress each surface by hand to get the proper point.

The one on the left is how they should look.


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