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This '57 100-6 is a late year car with the improved cylinder head.  It is a California rust free car.  That is no insignificant statement.  Unrestored "big Healeys" even in California typically are rusty.  Ask any restoration expert and they will tell you "DO NOT BUY A RUSTY CAR"!

This car is totally complete - we have started de-trimming in preparation of restoration.

I drove this car before we started removing parts for refinishing.  It ran, shifted and drove very nice.  It was the last owner's daily driver(70 plus years old).  He had a valve job done several years ago.

The dark areas of the rocker are where the paint has flaked off down to a lower layer, not rust.

Note how even the door gaps are - this is a very straight car!


Just another view.  This is also a matching numbers car.  Meaning that the chassis # and the engine # matches the Heritage certificate.  It was originally red with a red interior.












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