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With the engine in-place, now all of the under hood components can go back on.

Brass or plastic expansion tanks are correct for '71 models.  Prior to '71 the tanks were brass painted satin black.  At one point in the '71 model run MB switched to plastic.  Apparently when the supply of plastic tanks ran out they switched back to brass.  We decided to keep the original plastic unit.


The original firewall pads had a square pattern embossing.  The new ones that can be purchased from various suppliers have a "crinkle" or leather like pattern which is technically incorrect.



We were very fortunate that the original unit was in great condition.  We carefully removed it, dyed it back to black and have now reinstalled it.


We wanted a nice translucent white brake master cylinder reservoir.  The one to the right is the original one which has obviously yellowed a bit.  The new ones that come from MB are a bit different.



To the left is the new one which is obviously white.  The design is bit different with a cant to the left.  We saved the original for display purposes.


In the component cleaning, re-finishing and inspection process we found a crack in an accelerator shaft bracket.  One nice thing about restoring a Mercedes is that nearly every single part is available new.


The refinished intake plenum is installed.


Here the radiator, alternator, throttle body and valve cover have gone in.







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