Page 7 The exterior trim goes on.

Originally the grill surround has a layer of masking tape to help protect the paint under it.  The photo to the right shows the dry brittle original tape.


After re-chroming the grill we simply duplicated this layer of tape.


It is starting to look like a Pagoda.


Here our graphic artist is duplicating the inspector's mark.


Above you can see the original mark from the 1970 (yes, its a '71 model built in late '70)production and the duplicated mark from 2005.  OK, you hand writing experts out there don't be to critical, I couldn't find the person who wrote the original "23".  If you look close you will see that we left the ground wire contact area bare yet painted over the rubber plug to its right just as they did at the factory.


Here our technician does the final polish.

Why have I gone to such lengths to document this restoration?  One reason is that I hate mystery cars.  When I ask an owner about the history of their car I want answers I can take to the bank.  Unfortunately it is very rare that I get these answers when looking at a prospective purchase.  Hopefully 200 years from now the owner of this car will have these web pages saved on the equivalent of today's electronic media storage.  Then when he or she answers someone's questions they will have the proof to back up their responses.

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