Mercedes R107 350SL 380SL 450SL 560SL restoration services
TOE-BOARD RUST REPAIR, right front wheel well
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This isolated occurrence of corrosion is common even on California cars when the air-conditioning condensate tube leaks and the water pools on the passenger side foot well.
Below the area has been cleaned of loose scale and debris.

Next the bad spots are cut back to good solid steel and repair pieces are fitted for "butt welding". Lap welds are easier to perform but tend to collect moisture at their seams so we don't use them generally.

Tacked into place before welding out.

The front piece is hammered up into place and next a piece is fit into the other hole in the same manner.

All of the edges are welded out solid then the beads ground down.

Before undercoating to blend into the surrounding floor seam-sealer is applied to protect the metal.



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