Still has its original Blaupunkt 8-track player!

Below are the most important photos.

There are plenty of early 911's in this price range but unlike this car most are rusty underneath.

Important Numbers

VIN or Chassis #: 9112101599
VIN De-coding
911= 911 model
2  = Model year 1972
1  = USA "T" model with injection( a 5 would indicate a carbureted Euro model )
0  = Coupe body( a 1 would indicate Targa)
1599 = sequential build number

Engine #: 6122514
Engine # De-coding
6 = six cylinder engine
1 = 140 HP U.S. "T" engine
2 = model year
2514 = sequential build number( note this will not match the
            chassis sequential build number as there were different engine families
            used with the same body type and visa versa)

Kunstharzlack/paint code: 022 = Bahia Red


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