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This vehicle features 5 optional Mahle wheels. These are the lightest factory Porsche alloys ever. Magnesium alloy, vintage racers covet them.
I've seen them priced at $2000 for a set of 4. If you prefer the more common Fuchs wheels.... I'm sure someone would gladly trade you.
  Comes w/invoice for a rebuilt engine.... including new pistons & cylinders.
Fifth magnesium alloy. Original never-rusted suspension pan showing
factory undercoat.
We only cleaned this area - you can't beat original.
Notice the sharp original pinch-weld above.    
Factory undercoating is present
on the whole undercarriage.
  I snapped this before we installed the new carpet.
Absolutely as from the factory w/orig sound deadening. Many early 911s have new undercoating.... sprayed so thick, one cannot tell....
what's underneath. Not so this one. Undercoating is still factory......
Nice original jack ports    
Very clean & dry underneath. Engine number Included is a whole file of service records that go back
to the mid-seventies.
The inner fender displays original factory spotwelds.   Chassis # stamped under the hood.





























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