For sale automotive classified, classic, collectible, vintage, pagoda, pagode, w113
California, one-owner, 4-spd Mercedes 280SL
by Motoring Investments 619-238-1977
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  Comes with the very rare optional ski rack!  
  This Mercedes heel pad part number is something that you don't see everyday.  On most cars the original heel pad is long gone and an aftermarket unit is in its place.  This correct item is not available for purchase new anywhere.  
dbodyno.jpg (53737 bytes)

This vehicle has all of its correct body number stamps.

All the original tools, books and even the spare tire hang tag

Very well cared for, the service file stands over 3" tall.

Has the optional right side mirror Comes with two sets of wheels (steel w/hubcaps currently installed)  
eng1.jpg (137665 bytes) eng2.jpg (124519 bytes)

Please notice the original firewall pad with the correct pattern.

Not detailed or pressure washed, just a nice original California undercarriage w/factory undercoating.


































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