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1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL

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This honest, original engine bay still sports its original firewall pad.

The undercarriage has all of its original factory undercoating intact and even some of the Cosmoline (the brown waxy substance) put on before shipping out of Germany.  Un-restored undercarriages don't come any better than this! (More underside photos at the bottom of the page!)

Click on any of the pictures below to view the larger version.


Nice even hood gap all the way around!


Correct headlight notches.

The photos to the left and right
display the straightness of the body.

This car is equipped with both the hard top
and canvas soft top. Both are in
very nice condition.

The above pictures display the
remarkable condition of the dash.

Note the nice heater levers.

Click on any picture to see the larger image.

If you want to see the quality of a body, look
beyond shiny exterior paint.  Door jams are
always very telling.  Note here the correct factory
spot welds (round dots) inside the door
shut areas.

Below is a picture of the VIN plate.

This car was
assembled towards the end
of the production run.

The picture to the right displays the body number
that is stamped into the hood.

The picture to the left shows us the
same corresponding body number that is stamped
on the underside of the hard top.

All numbers on the panels match.

The photo to the right shows us the data plate
located inside the engine bay. This sequence of
numbers tells us the body number as well as
build number and color codes for the car.

These body numbers are located in several
areas. The picture to the left, shows us the
stamped body number on the underside
of the soft top stowage compartment.

The number "180" twice indicates factory
silver for body & hardtop.

Notice the firewall in the above pictures. These pads with the correct pattern are not available from Mercedes.  The only replacement part available looks and feels different.  Finding a great original firewall pad like this one is a good indicator of overall originality of a 280SL and the sort of life it has lead.

The trunk lid still wears its original labels, indicating
proper tire pressures for front and rear tires.

Always look under the trunk mat and for the round
dots that indicate factory spot welds.

On all W113 cars this is the most
susceptible area for rust.

The following pictures are some of the most important when considering the purchase of any car, let alone one that is over 40 years old.
This Pagoda has an exceptional looking undercarriage.

These pictures shows us the complete
floor pan. An exceptional example
of an original looking and unrestored

These pictures above and below display the
Cosmoline (the brown waxy substance)
that was sprayed on before
shipping out of Germany. This
substance was used to prevent

The pictures to the left and right are that of
the area just ahead of the trailing arms.

These pictures to the right and left are of the
drain holes and bottom of rocker panels covers
as well as the underside of the rear shelf.
On Pagodas these areas are
very susceptible to rust and corrosion.
 Notice the exceptional condition
of this car.

These pictures display the rocker panels
and rocker panel covers.

  Notice the correct
Phillips head screws all along the rocker
panel cover.


























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