Mercedes W113 Pagoda for sale automotive collector car classified vintage classic center old timer
1968 280SL
(a super original "time-machine")
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Here are scans of about 1/3 of the original letters that Captain Lane sent to Daimler-Benz exploring the purchase of a Pagoda.  Note that when he started this process the 250SL was the current offering but by the time the order was placed the 280SL's were in production.

Click on any of the pictures below to view the larger version.

The picture in the center shows us the data plate. The picture to the right displays the corresponding body number stamp on the deck lid.
On the left,  the same numbers on underside of hardtop. The data plate tells us this is a # 568 red car 
 (as represented on the second line by 568 H ) and the body number is visible
on the last line of the data plate showing us 82217.  Note that the last three or four numbers are stamped on hood (scroll way down to view)
the deck lid ( right picture) and underside of hardtop ( left picture) indicating "numbers matching".  In this case, all numbers are present, visible and matching the chassis plate.

Of course this car exhibits the correct factory headlight notches.

Great looking original dash with Becker Europa radio.

The rubber ring that surrounds the
shifter on the carpet is another clear
indicator of interior originality.

The pictures above display the exceptional condition of the original dash covering.  The glove box picture shows us the original and quite rare hard top pouch
with levers to lock and unlock the hard/soft tops.  The picture in the center displays the Hirschmann Antenna.

The above center picture displays the heel pad number on the driver side floor. That part number and other factory markings are usually long since worn away. An
unmistakable trademark of originality.  The pictures to the left and right show us  the seat belt holder clip, another rarely seen object in these cars.

The factory original heel pad with part number is no longer available for purchase
new & replacement carpet comes with a generic item.  Because of this, finding
an original one is a great indicator of miles, use and overall care on a Pagoda.


The rear shelves with boards in place.

The seat backsides and vents

This carpet shows great everywhere you look.

A neat option available for the Pagodas was a rear mounting sideways seat, also known as a "kinder seat". This car has a great looking and comfortable seat
for another passenger to ride along.

A known area to suffer from corrosion is the trunk
floor. Notice the factory correct spot welds and
correct finish of semi gloss black in the trunk area.

The original spare tire tag is in place and
has been covered in protective plastic
to display its unmistakable originality.

The factory booklets and owners manual along with the tool kit.

The hood number in the above picture
matches the body number on the data
plate.  This number is stamped by
the factory to serve as a body number

Notice the inner fenders with correct spot welds and the absolutely factory original firewall pad.  These pads with the correct pattern are no available from Mercedes.  The only replacement part available looks and feels different.  Finding a great original firewall pad is a good indicator of overall originality of a 280SL and the sort of life it has lead.

The pictures to the left and right show us the
backside of the bumpers.  The factory painted the
backside of bumpers with an ivory color.

The pictures to the left and right display the
transmission mounting plate.  The body number
is stamped on the plate and correctly displaying
the body color of the car. The left shows us
a panned out picture and where the
number stamp is located.

This car has the very rare option of Limited Slip
Differential or LSD.


The pictures below display the rocker panels and rocker panel covers.  Notice the phillips head screws all along the rocker panel cover
and along the bottom of the rocker panel.




























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