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1956 190SL
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This is the same car as in the rest of the photos but in 1956 during the original owner's wedding celebration in Germany.

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This is but a small sampling of the massive
documentation on this one family

Included are the original order form,
and engine rebuild paperwork.

Many of the documents are dated
"1956" plus there are rebuild and
maintenance receipts from the current


The pictures to the left and
right, display the straightness of the body.

The chrome at every angle, from front to back,
looks beautiful.

The canvas soft top looks and feels great.              





The picture above displays the body plate.
 Notice the sequence of numbers above.
The same 01137 number appears in the
engine bay on the left hand side along the
firewall (pictured to the right).

The picture above displays the
stamped number on the firewall inside engine bay.
Notice the corresponding sequence of numbers match
the numbers on the body plate to the left.

The color code plate also located inside the
engine bay.  This car wears its correct color
code #190 or Graphite Grey.


The other wheel well and pictured below is
the wooden cover that fits in place.

Great looking trunk floor.

Spare tire with the trim ring.



Highly unusual for a 190SL,
this car has a solid, original floor pan with very little rust.
(Click on any photo to see the original size)