Shot indoors

Shot outside in the natural light.

Impossible to duplicate original molded-in shift surround.






Original headlight notches.

Original firewall pad.

Notice the factory spotwelds in the top left corner of the photo.  Both sides are the same; this confirms original fenders.

Original Firestone Phoenix spare tire.

If you've been searching 280SLs you know this is the part of the trunk floor that is rusted 99.9% of the time - even on California cars.  This is the "holy grail" of trunk floors; it has never even been re-painted.

A bit out of focus but this date on the original trunk lid seal reads 5 Nov. 1970.  The date of manufacture for the car is 11/70 so this makes perfect sense.

Factory original tool kit.

Even the wheel wells are showing original paint!

Original rust-free undercarriage.

This is the data plate from the top left fender under the hood.  It shows #576 for the dark red paint and #040 for the black hardtop and hubcaps.
The 7111 is the body number and this number is stamped into metal of the hood, hardtop, boot-box lid and the transmission mounting plate.


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