Page two of our TR6 restoration.

Above you can see were we laid down the new sealer where it was originally done at the factory.  This of course is a paintable sealer so it will all be body color when we are done.


Above is a little area of concern.  It looks like a crack in the metal but I suspect once we remove the paint we will find a small rust spot.

Here is another angle.  The bad area appears to wrap around the edge.

Something is becoming visible......

Plastic filler made up most of the corner.  The driver's side didn't show any cracking.  But I had a suspicion......

Sure enough.  The factory undercoated the wheel wells but they just didn't get it up in all the nooks and crannies.  The tires throw up dirt and mud and it sits there holding moisture.  Eventually this is the result.

Above is the stripped engine block ready for cylinder boring.

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