This is a very special TR6. I bought it from an 88-year-old physician who had purchased in new back in ’75.  It was not his "everyday" work car.  It is still riding on its original Michelin ‘Red Stripe’ tires. There can’t be more than a hand full of TR’s this original left anywhere in the world.  It still has its original soft top, tonneau cover, boot cover and of course the factory hard top that you see in the photos.  The whole interior is original including the dash, carpets, wood, seats, seat belts, head liner, gauges, switches, pedal pads and on and on.

  Here are some unusual or rare features that you may not find anywhere else:

    Tucked behind the drivers side seat belt retracting unit I found a clip with a warning label that reads:
I assume that this was for the benefit of the workman assembling the interior at the factory.  The giant paper clip would have been around the shoulder harness keeping it from retracting all the way.  The retracting units are so sensitive that you cannot pull the belt out unless the unit is mounted on a solid surface.  On most cars this clip and label would have been thrown away at the factory.  This one amazingly remained hidden away in the car for 29 years!  The clip is much larger than the large paper clip that you typically see in an office.    Original seat belt clip photo.


    This car has its original dark tan carpet.  According to the current “Moss” catalog the only brown carpet that they can supply is somewhat different.  What you are seeing is excellent 29 year old carpet.  See Photo.


    Under the original carpet are the original fiberboard transmission and drive shaft tunnels which are still firm and nice.  These items are usually pretty sad looking on average cars.  The modern replacements are usually fiberglass or polyethylene.


    Under the hood you will find the original green impregnated-cloth radiator hoses.  See Photo.


    The original seat belt parking ports are still on the sills.  I don’t see any reference to them in any supply catalogue so I don’t think they can be purchased new any longer.  See Photo.


    You can no longer buy the door seals with the brown velour trim next to the black rubber as seen here.  See Photo.

    Here is one that I am not 100% sure of.  This car still has its original sun visors.  On the outboard edge on the heat seal
is a tab with a circle surrounding a triangle.  Since most of today's manufacturers of new parts are not the original equipment manufacturer(OEM) I have a feeling that if one buys new visors they will not have this little detail.  (If someone has purchased new ones recently and they have these marks please let me know.)
   See the visor photo.

    When started cold the oil pressure goes to nearly 100 pounds.  When the engine is fully warm it settles down to around 50 pounds.  See Photo.

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