Having worked with and on sports cars for over 30 years I know the importance of starting with a sound example.  This is a rust and collision free MGB that has been reconditioned in our workshops.  It only has 80k original miles.  The transmission shifts smoothly and positively.  It carries great oil pressure.  All of the gauges work fine and register in the normal range.  Even with the low mileage we have performed a valve job as it was necessary to remove the cylinder head to replace a broken exhaust manifold stud and there is no way I would pull a head and then not recondition it.  The carburetor was rebuilt and nearly all of the emissions equipment was replaced with new components.  Some of the other new mechanical items include: radiator & hoses, motor & transmission mounts, fuel pump and brake master cylinder.  The brakes have been inspected and are fine.

The road wheels have been refinished and new Dunlop radials mounted.

The car came in with numerous touched-up chips in the paint so the only way to make it right was to repaint it.  This was not an inexpensive "mask & shoot" job.  The car was completely de-trimmed in preparation for the quality Dupont catalyzed acrylic enamel finish.  After curing it was color sanded, buffed and polished(a solid two day job).  The results are spectacular as we have been rewarded with a deep glass-like finish.

Topping off the cosmetics are new carpet and soft top.

This motor car is now a complete package ready for years of rewarding driving.

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