This 1967 TR4A is especially original. I bought it from the original owner who was a TWA mechanic in Placentia, California right near the LA airport. It’s lived there its whole life. When I say original I mean this in the strict sense of the word. Most sellers use the word “original” interchangeably with the word “stock” or “correct”. I see phrases such as, “totally original, just restored”. It can’t be both! What they mean is, “totally stock, just restored”. Another situation is that some people use the word “original” to mean that their car needs to be restored. That is not the case here. My car is mostly original, un-restored and in great condition. In other words, it has essentially the same parts, materials and finishes that it left the factory with and it is fully functional and cosmetically pleasing. Everything works as it should from the clutch, the shifting, the gauges to the way it starts cold(pull the choke and if fires after just a few spins). It pulls strong in every gear and is a pleasure to drive briskly (I’ve personally driven it quite a bit and it feels wonderful at 80MPH).

Some examples of its originality follow:
The dash top and wood fascia – Original
95% of the carpet – Original
Door panels - Original
90% of the chrome trim – Original
Engine – Original
Transmission – Original
Differential – Original
Floor boards – Original
Paint on the floorboards – Original*
Frame – Original
Body panels – Original
Paint in the engine bay – Original
Paint in the spare tire well – Original
Windshield & side glass – Original
Sun visors – Original
Steering wheel – Original
84,917 miles(going up daily as I’m driving it!) – Original

*see photo and caption

The first three photos should give the impatient an idea about this car.  The rest of you can scroll down then go on to the other two pages of photos.  This is the Exterior Photo page.  Then there are two more pages:
Interior Photo Page         Undercarriage, Engine and Details Photo Page

This is a one owner California car.  Why no black license plate?  View a letter from the person who bought this car new.

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